Annette Laing's The Snipesville Chronicles
The Race Against Time
Elementary , Fiction , Historical , Timeslip / March 19, 2018

Third in Geronimo Stilton’s Journey through Time series, this story finds Geronimo and his gang on another adventure: this time to the prehistoric era, ancient Greece, and the Renaissance. Geronimo is a nervous mouse, shy and quiet, but always seems to find trouble, especially with his annoying and inconsiderate cousin, Trap, in tow. Trap, however, has a knack for easing into any society with friendly manners and clever ruses, and thus is a valuable asset to the team. Geronimo’s resourceful sister, Theo, helpful nephew, Benjamin, and friend, little Bugsy Wugsy, complete the time-traveling set appointed by the scientist Paws Von Volt. With plenty of cheese references, the eager mice start in the land of mammoths and cavemen, easily blending in with a generous offering that saves the day. They brave a stampede and other beasts, learning all about living in the wild and harsh landscape. Next they travel to Greece, where they meet great philosophers and Geronimo tries his pen with a playwriting competition. Last on their agenda is the Renaissance, where they find themselves in Italy in the company of none other than Leonardo da Vinci. All three eras are a good deal of time apart, and so not…