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March 18, 2018

As the US Children’s & YA editor for Historical Novels Review magazine, I’ve found that I not only enjoy reading the genre, but I also receive a lot of unsolicited books that cannot be used for the magazine because they’re either non-fiction or non-historical. For a while now I’ve had the idea to start a YA blog in which to house reviews for these books, and finally took the initiative to do so. I’d planned to write about the genre from an adult perspective, however, I have two daughters–a tween and a teenager–who may offer their thoughts on books as well, as guest posts or paraphrased within my reviews.

There are many reviews here pulled from my own websites ( & and also my past Children’s/YA reviews from the magazine. I have a large stack of books to get through, and am tentatively accepting new books for review as well.

Happy browsing!

— Arleigh Ordoyne

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